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Hoverboards are currently the must-have for anyone who has fun at great designs and innovative technology. But how should one decide with the variety of E-Balance boards on the market – which hoverboard should one buy?

Of course, the fun factor is very important, but in a purchase decision security should play the decisive role!

The Beamie Hoverboard offers you both: unlimited fun without sacrificing safety. For this purpose, unique and innovative safety functions have been developed for the Beamie, which meets the highest standards. Numerous tests confirm: the Beamie is “currently the safest hoverboard on the market” *.

Convince yourself!

* Test resume of / 14.09.2016 via

Beamie Hoverboard Facts


Beamie does not just produce hoverboards, behind the brand is an experienced team that creates the products in Germany applying the highest quality standards over and above the statutory requirements. The Beamie branded e-mobility-products are equipped with high-quality materials as well as a number of extras for your safety; topped with great additional features that will make every trip a great experience.

Apart from the cool design the Beamie also offers frist-class equipment “under the bonnet”.

Innovative features have been implemented to provide maximum security for example automatic voice prompts that warn you before your battery is empty or when the maximum speed has been reached.  Additionally the e-balance-board consists of an extremely sturdy frame, special ball bearings as well as 8 inch tyres and higher platforms for greater driving stability. The high-quality battery is equipped with LG battery cells that have both temperature and overcharge protection.

In addition to countless internal tests, renowned test institutes confirm the compliance with our high quality standards.

The brand name Beamie is only given to products which we would use ourselves. Try out!

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The Beamie Hoverboard provides even more fun with many additional options when combined with the free Beamie smartphone app. Through the app, riding profiles can be set for beginners, intermediate or expert riders. This allows Beamie to perfectly adapt to the rider’s ability. Besides to the option of adjusting steering sensivity, driving force and maximum speed, you can also monitor the battery level, your speed as well as the distance covered.


The Beamie is made from highest quality components only, the LG battery with an overheating-warning and overcharge protection as well as innovative functions offer you the highest level of safety. Via voice alerts the Beamie provides you with important information e.g. low battery levels or when the maximum speed has been reached. Rather than simply turning off when the battery is running low the Beamie footboards slowly tilt backwards and, thereby, reduce the speed.


Apart from the cool design the Beamie scores with dynamic driving pleasure, without sacrificing safety. The specially developed software ensures fast reactions from the Beamie and extra-dynamic driving. This means rapid acceleration and agile maneuver at ease. Another benefit: for optimal driving the Beamie can be calibrated. In addition the driving force, the steering sensivity and the maximum speed can be set by the Beamie App.


The Beamie does not only look stylish, it also sounds amazing – thanks to the high-performance stereo speakers and the possibility to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth® to your board. This means you always have your personal soundtrack wherever you go.  mit dem Board zu verbinden. So hast du deinen persönlichen Soundtrack immer dabei. This ensures even more driving pleasure and great entertainment during breaks.


  • BEAMIE Hoverboard App
  • Dimensions

    60 x 21 x 22 cm

  • Tread depth

    15 cm

  • Weight

    11 kg

  • Wheels

    8 inches, solid rubber

  • Speed

    about 15 km/h

  • Range

    about 15-20 km

  • Angle of inclination

    maximum 30°

  • Load

    min. 20 kg and max. 120 kg

  • Battery

    LG Lithium-ion battery, 4400mAh, 36V, rechargeable

  • Charging time

    2 – 3 hours

  • Motor power

    700 Watts

  • Lights

    front / back (white LED)

  • Colours

    black, white, red, blue